About 4 or 5 years ago, I was at a place where I had a life someone might call a dream life.

I had an onset of a very promising career. I worked as an assistant to the tax advisor in a huge international advisory company.

The problem was that I was working nights and weekends to keep up with the workload and I didn’t have much personal life. Another thing was that I didn’t see much value in it – my job wasn’t helping anyone.

No matter how pretty on the outside I struggled to find my place. To be honest, I didn’t like working in the office. I felt like taxation is not the right fit for me. I dreamed of traveling the world.

I wanted to be in flip-flops and swimsuit not tied up with a skirt, fake smiles and billable hours. My desire was to figure out the right job for me. I wanted to be successful and make money, but this didn’t feel like it is the right way.

Then, it all changed. I quit my job and left the country.


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I was scared to change anything. Working in an office, having a salary, being an employer was all I knew. It was my comfort zone, even though I didn’t like it I missed the confidence and the courage to change anything. But when I looked to the future I cringed. Was it all that was waiting out for me?


I started to seriously doubt my life. No traveling? No helping women and children? But working even more hours, Saturdays AND Sundays? Spending my life in the office preparing tax returns? No way! I must find a new job, I decided. And I started to look for one immediately.


This was the beginning of my new and exciting life. This was finally it! Wasn’t it great?

NO! To be honest, I was losing it.


Building confidence doesn’t have a finish line.

It’s not like one day you will wake up confident and that’s it. You don’t have to work on your confidence anymore. Getting out of your comfort zone needs confidence and our comfort zone will always have boundaries. Trying something new will always stretch our comfort zone and require a high dose of confidence.



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