I was a shy child who was trying to do its best to do everything a good child would do. I studied hard in school. I helped my parents at home. I listened to the elderly. I was not rebellious or stubborn. I studied English and social sciences. I went to University to study law.

I got a part-time job as an assistant to the attorney. I got my first mortgage during the university years for my studio apartment. I traveled to the USA during summers for work and travel program for students. In the last year of University, I started to work for a big advisory company, and I applied for J.D. exam. I was working overtimes and Saturdays and studying and writing my thesis on Sundays.

Shy girl with low self-confidence who didn’t trust in her own choices and opinions.

Within a few months of life in a Chicago studio apartment without seeing my family and friends my confidence dropped to the lowest level possible and I was not able to go shopping alone because I didn’t have enough confidence to face talk with a stranger or a cashier in the supermarket.

I developed social phobia and I had to come up with a plan.

What plan?

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I am behind the door, trash bag in my right hand, door handle in my left hand. Left ear on the door, heart beating…


But, when I think of how I felt. I felt horrible and I didn’t even realize it. I didn’t have the confidence to do what I wanted to do. To be who I am. To speak up my mind. My low self-confidence didn’t allow me to rely on my own opinions. I thought that this how I am supposed to be living and this is who I am.


One day, out of nothing my very dear friend called. We chatted for a little while and then he said that he has cancer.


Waiting for my flight back to Chicago I made a promise to myself – that I will do what it takes to become confident in my own life and my skin. That I will no longer be that shy and scared girl hiding in a small apartment.



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