I think I already mentioned that I am creating a 5-day free email mini course called Confident Woman Secrets. If I didn’t mention it yet I will today.

Yes, the name is almost identical with the name of this podcast. And there’s a reason for that. The mini course Confident WOMAN Secrets will help you create your own confidence tools and techniques; it will guide you to find what helps YOU to become and be confident. And you don’t have to tell anybody you are using some tools and techniques or that you are building your confidence.

On the other hand, Confident WOMEN Secrets is the name of the podcast where I want to share with you my own tools and techniques as well as tips of other women – what is helping them, how are they building their confidence and how did they overcome their biggest confidence struggles.

Listen to the third episode to learn more about why I created this mini course, what is included and how it can help you.




I remember it like was yesterday. Sunny day. 7 a.m. I am cleaning carrots in the kitchen of the insurance company I work for. A colleague of mine came to the kitchen with some fruit. We started to talk. People usually didn’t ask me about coaching, I was a tax specialist who was doing something on the side for them. But this time she did ask.


Can I boost my confidence through coaching with you? Do you help also with confidence? Can you give me some tips on how to boost my confidence? Do you think he still loves me? Do you think I can make it? Do I have what it takes?


So, it didn’t take me long before I decided I want to create the perfect program for women to boost their confidence. I wanted to help other women grow, flourish and feel good about themselves. That’s why I started coaching. So, if confidence is the thing, they need I want to help them build it.


When a man is looking at that position, he reads through it and if he fulfills 60% of the job description, he goes for it. He believes that he will learn the rest along the way. On the other hand, a woman doesn’t apply for that job before she fulfills 100% of the job description. I read in a different article that a woman applies only after she fulfills 120%. Isn’t that crazy it’s double the male percentage. Why is it so?




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