Yesterday I went shopping after lunch. I was in a small and charming shop with all-natural products, nut butter, and eco-friendly cosmetics when suddenly, out of nothing this pain in my upper left abdomen outburst.

It was the fourth time this month. So, nothing new. I told myself – OK, Silvia, you know how it goes, it’s not the first time, just sit down, don’t move and breathe calmly. It will be alright.

I had so much work to do. But it seemed like I was not coming back to my daily routine.

To be very honest I was scared – is it something serious? I didn’t have any problems an hour ago and now it feels like I can’t do anything.

Listen to the this episode to learn more about my Emergency room visit and Your Jaw-Dropping Confidence Master Plan.




But it wasn’t getting any better. I was sweating. I looked at the time on my phone, minutes were slowly passing by and nothing changed to better – maybe even to worse. I couldn’t move. If I moved slightly, I couldn’t breathe. So, I froze in the same position and didn’t do anything. I focused on my breath.


For a minute I thought about calling an ambulance, but you know in a situation like this the old me comes to the surface and it tells me – You are not the attention-grabbing-queen. You don’t want everyone in here see the drama. And what if it’s not anything serious? That would be a devastating shame. 


What is it in us, women, that we fear so much of being judged? Why do we lack confidence so often? Do we have it naturally less than men do?


Because I don’t want any woman to hold herself back. The consequences could be devastating. Not only when it comes to overall health but also, when it comes to mental health, happiness, success, self-worth, optimism. Confidence has an influence on all aspects of our lives. Confidence needs to be cultivated and the tricky part is that it affects all areas of our life in general as well as particular tasks individually.




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