I remember when my life coach told me: Silvia, it’s your decision, you can be confident if you want to. You just need to decide.

I felt so frustrated and down. I felt like a failure. I can’t make a move because I don’t have the confidence to do anything. And she was telling me something completely different. I can be confident I just have to decide?

Is it true?

Can it be true?

And then this haunting thought came to my mind.

Only a year later I realized it was one of the very common confidence myths. Actually, one of these myths I’ll be sharing with you today. Let me tell you all of them and in the end, I’ll tell you which one is the one I struggled with. I truly believed it deep in my heart and this belief was shaping who I was back then.




You can find all these myths and much more in Your Jaw-Dropping Confidence Master Plan that will be released very soon. I will let you know when it is available.


Experts share that for you to reach the highest levels of success, you need to have confidence first. You can start small and watch it grow over time with new goals being reached.


You don’t have to be confident every hour of every day.

Your self-esteem will change and fluctuate over time. This is normal and not something to be concerned about.

You may have fears that cripple your confidence on occasion. The key is to work through them and keep going. Feelings of uncertainty and insecurity will happen.


If you’re focused on others and their success, then you’re not growing yourself. You’re not working on your own issues and challenges to reach higher.

By looking at other lives and contrasting them with yours, you’re feeding your insecurities. It’s also important to remember that you rarely know the full details of another person’s existence.


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