Hey there, friends. Welcome to part 2 of learning to love yourself. In the previous episode last week, we were talking about loving yourself emotionally and spiritually and I shared my struggle with loving myself. If you haven’t listened to the episode last week go back to it right now – it’s better to start there and then continue with this episode.

In this episode, we will talk about loving yourself mentally and physically. We will add another 19 steps to those 20 from part 1. Together you will have 39 steps to apply in order to love yourself, but no worries some of them are very simple, some of them you already do and of course, you don’t need to apply all of them since day one. Start with the one you like and once it feels natural, add a second one. Small changes that will stick are much better than big changes that are overwhelming and you drop them early.




When you spend your time and thoughts on working toward your goals, your mind will be at its happiest and most fit. Plus, this sort of work shows that you care enough about yourself to have your priorities in good order.


Ask yourself, “What do I care intensely about?”

Then, dive into that subject. Learn everything you can about it. Practice it. Study it. Live it. If an idea or topic excites you, chase after it. The same goes for your dreams. Once you know what your hearts’ desires are, do everything you can to achieve them.

Stay engaged on a daily basis with your life’s passions and dreams. There’s no better way to express self-love than to strive to give yourself what you truly want in life.


When you live intentionally, you intellectually consider the consequences of the choices you make. You recognize how precious time is and mindfully spend the twenty-four hours you get in a day on what’s most important to you. Now that’s real self-love.


When you see that you have control over your own mind, you’ll be provided with opportunities to do as you wish with your life. In other words, you’ll get to exercise the power you have in ways that enrich your existence.

Closely related to finding your power is infusing knowledge into your daily life. When you gain knowledge, you gain power. Accessing the power you have in your mind means you’ll experience self-confidence and feel love for yourself each day.

Loving yourself means you seek, find and experience all types of mental stimulation. You look into topics of interest, maintain real friendships with real people, live consciously each day, consider the bigger picture, and find the power within you.

Express your self-love by feeding your mind with intriguing thoughts, ideas, and activities.



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