I promised that I will bring you awesome guests on this podcast – strong women that build their confidence. So, today is the day and the first guest is here with us.

So, let me tell you. Today’s guest is incredible. She is a friend of mine for many many years and she is a sweet person who you will love. Her name is Martina Sevcikova, and I call her Matka. She is an incredibly strong woman who recently changed her job from a sure-fire corporate career where she belonged among the best to a part-time job in a small company to have some free time to follow her dreams and acquire the lifestyle she wants to have.

I believe it requires a huge amount of confidence to make such a decision so I want to talk to her about it – whether it was a difficult decision for her and whether she struggled with confidence. So let’s get into it.




It was a feeling I had for a longer period of time that I need a change and then if you remember last year in August I was in Bratislava with you and we agreed that you show me how you do coaching and we had this talk and that was the moment that I realized that I had to do something to change my situation, to achieve what I want and I realized that my current job is not that thing that I want in the future. It helped me.


One thing was more practical – I had to wake up every day pretty early, I had to commute and this commuting was pretty long, it took a lot of time and of course, a lot of energy. Then, I spent quite a lot of hours at work and when I came back I was tired and not able to do other things which I wanted to do, so this was one thing – the time. Then, other things were that of course that job was demanding. It was sometimes pretty stressful and there were also other reasons… I knew I want to achieve something different in my future.


Yes, of course, I was scared… I had to think a lot about it. I did several SWOT analyses…It’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis. Then I did an analysis of pros and cons and really I thought a lot about it and of course I thought about how to do it because this job opportunity came a bit later but then when this opportunity came I decided that OK, now it’s the right time to do it.


I would recommend to think it through, to set a target and to plan the way how to achieve it. To plan what tools and means and everything need to be used to achieve the target and of course, it’s best to have somebody who supports you in achieving your goal.  


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