In today’s interview, I would like to introduce a very special guest. Jess Tomlinson. I am so honored that she accepted the invitation to come for an interview. She is a gorgeous and sweet person and we can learn a lot from her so make sure to stick around till the end of the interview.

Jess Tomlinson is a visibility, leadership and business coach and intuitive guide for women entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers who have learned all the systems and strategies, yet are feeling disconnected from themselves and want to feel like a kid on Christmas morning again in business and life! With over 10 years leading branding and marketing for award-winning media and travel companies, she brings her skills plus intuition to support her clients in releasing how they think they “should” operate in business and instead become the truest embodiment of themselves as evolving Visible Leaders – Radiantpreneurs.

Jess has been featured for her expert advice on multiple media interviews including NPR alongside renowned spiritual teacher Byron Katie and on live TV. She was also named one of Las Vegas’ top 5 Empowered Women Entrepreneurs and has produced 3 TEDxWomen events.

She lives with her sexy videographer Soul Partner, Ben, in Las Vegas where they spend their time hiking, sipping vino (Jess) and whiskey (Ben), playing cribbage and planning their next travel adventure.



My specialty is leadership and visibility and what that means is really be able to fully express all sides of ourselves as a leader, as a visionary in our businesses so that we can not only be visible and really magnetize who we are meant to serve but more so what I care about is how you feel each and every day, when you get up are you worried about what people are gonna think about you? Are you hiding behind your computer instead of doing that Facebook live or sharing about your amazing story cause you are afraid of xyz…


What I really support women leaders and entrepreneurs in doing is setting themselves free from needing to be a certain way so that no matter how they’re feeling no matter what they are going through, no matter the day they can really step into their authentic self-expression. I teach these three different archetypes which I call feminine leadership archetypes. There are so many different parts of ourselves but I find it’s really helpful to categorize these 3 parts so that we can begin to own them and to not deny them. The three feminine leadership archetypes are the Playful Child, the Radiant Rebel, and the Sexy Feminine.


You have to release how you think you should be showing up, the kind of offering that you think you should be doing, the strategy….my clients usually have taken lots of courses, they’re very smart, learned lots of information and yet all of this information is bogging them down so they need to release what is not serving them and really come home, which is the reveal – the phase two – is reveal – what are the parts of you that you are not sharing, how can you set yourself free and embrace and heal and love those parts of yourself?


The caterpillar effect is this whole concept that like a caterpillar who has to first really surrender to the process of transformation. Can you imagine that if the caterpillar didn’t surrender to this process of recreating from a caterpillar into a butterfly and it stayed so attached to wanting to be a caterpillar it would never turn in to this beautiful creature that it’s meant to be? And so that is an analogy for us as leaders as women who wanna make a difference. If we hold on to these expectations who we think we are and often times they’re really high expectations of ourselves that don’t serve us to continue to make the stakes and to try things and we hold such high standards that we create a non-winning game for ourselves and life becomes really hard and really not fun and we’re constantly beating ourselves up if we don’t release these expectations.


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