Did you listen to the first part of the interview with Baska Ilic last week?

If not, go check it out because this is the second part of the interview and you will miss a whole lot if you skip part one.

As I mentioned last week, Baska is a marketing consultant and content marketing manager. She worked for NGOs, startups, solopreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. She is the go-to expert when it comes to digital marketing including social media marketing, PPC, newsletters, SEO and of course her favorite content marketing. You can find her expert articles on many Slovak and international sites such as Lifehack or Lifehacker. In the first part of our conversation, we talked about her travels to the USA, where we actually met and India where she traveled the following year.

Today, you will hear her talking about Serbia, where she met her husband and about her passion for women’s rights. So, go check out Part 1 and if you’ve already listened to that one, nothing stops you from listening to the second part of the conversation with Baska right now.



There I met love of my life. We met there and then we got married one year later. 


It was my first and so far the last hitchhiking in my life. It was two or three days we were on the road and it was so awesome. We almost died at some point. We wanted to go to this place called …… geologically somehow special place and it looks so beautiful and we couldn’t get there but we somehow got to town close by and we just knew that over the mountain, it’s gonna be just 8 kilometers and we are there. And we were like: oh my god, 8 kilometers it’s nothing. So, we started to walk and then we were sleeping in the forest just under the stars because we didn’t have any tent. And we were so excited, like oh my god, this is the best trip ever. And then, we go to the place and we realized that we are on some canyon. We were above everyone. We were looking from above on all the tourists and we were trying to figure out how, the hell, we are gonna get down.


Then, I was hitchhiking by myself to the town. I was a little scared but it was funny because I noticed the difference, you know, when you are in  a couple, like boy and a girl, it takes longer to get the ride. Even in Balkans, which is like – the best countries for hitchhiking from what I heard. But when I was alone, I was literally like 30 seconds on the road. I got a truck, then I got a car, then I got another car. In no time. 


I felt it before elections. I did interview with her when she was still a candidate and she had just a few % and there were like comments even from women – writing their stuff like – oh my god, female president, everyone’s gonna make fun of us, you know and I was like: Are you kidding me? So many countries have female leaders and they are freaking awesome. And, who, in the 21st century is gonna laugh at us that we have a female president? If anything, this is something to be admired.


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