I am so excited today. Let me tell you that today we have as our guest Dr. Lynyetta Willis, who is a psychologist, family empowerment coach, and founder and CEO of Inner Pathways Coaching and Consulting.

She helps frustrated families break unhelpful behavior and cross-generational cycles so they can move from stable misery and into peaceful harmony. Through her transformational coaching and engaging talks, her clients and audiences learn to strengthen their parenting, partnership, and personal growth practices so they can feel harmony in their hearts and homes.

Dr. Willis created her highly acclaimed Elemental Living Model for Families and Personal Leadership as well as the Spiritual PATH for Evolving Relationships Framework.

Apart from that she is a speaker, media contributor, and author, her multi-award-winning book, My Forgotten Self: A Story about a Girl, a Powerful Encounter, and a Universal Message, has received high acclaim from individuals such as Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent and “Oprah’s Parenting Expert”; Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, author and spiritual leader of Agape International Truth
Center; and Michal Berg, President and CEO of Spirituality for Kids International, Inc.

Dr. Willis lives in Georgia with her husband and their two children.

I hope you will love this interview as much as I did. Dr. Willis is a sweet and empathetic person. Her energy and her wisdom are so appealing. Find out for yourself.



When I think of confidence I think of person’s ability to use their gifts and speak and live their truth even when they are faced with their fear-based stories they tell themselves or even like outside odds – of people that say that you can’t do this. I think that when someone feels really confident it’s like no matter how strong the wind blows they trust in their gifts and their abilities and their experiences and their core truth.


….And my husband he didn’t want to hurt my feelings so he didn’t talk about it much. And we were living in this sort of stable misery. We had a roof over our head, we were a cute couple, you know, we had food and a little bit of money to do things, but there was this deep sense of unfulfillment and we were working a ton so we didn’t spend that much time together and when we did we just mainly went to movies or went to watch TV. At that time in my life, I had enough confidence where I could stand in front of the crowd of 500 and talk. No problem. But I couldn’t stand in front of my husband and say I’m not happy or I’m scared.


Then, I had to make space for the idea that the stable misery stories maybe weren’t true. Just make space for the idea. Because it’s easy to say – oh, just you know, believe in yourself and don’t tell yourself bad things and it’ll all be better. Well, that’s really easy and that’s really pretty and it looks great on a postcard, but in reality, it’s really hard to do that when you’ve been thinking things for a long time.


The thing about it is – a lot of times we would prefer to be in situations that are familiar than situations that feel good or that are fulfilling. Familiar trumps fulfilling when we lack awareness. So, I think that is beautiful and perfect example of how can it play itself out even though I am sure the fights didn’t feel good to you, it was familiar. Because when you weren’t fighting it was like – oh, no, something is going on, something is gonna happen.


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My Forgotten Self: A Story about a Girl, a Powerful Encounter, and a Universal Message



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