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In today’s video, I will introduce you 5 fast and easy steps to become patient.

I get it, you want it right away! But so many people quit just right before hitting their goals and it’s all caused by one thing. Impatience. To be patient is the number one priority on your way to success.

Let me show you 5 steps to release that pressure of doing and having everything right now off your shoulders.

1. Discover the Reason

Sometimes you have an obvious reason. You want this meeting to end right away. But often, it can be hidden. For example. You are supposed to go to your uncle’s birthday party. And that makes you feel nervous and impatient but it’s somewhere in the subconscious mind.

You are impatient now, but you don’t realize that it is connected to something that is going to happen in a month. The key is to stop doing whatever you are doing and ask yourself why am I feeling this way?

You can also try the method of 5 whys. Ask yourself why 5 times in a row to get to the root of the problem. Why am I feeling impatient? Because I am anxious to go to my uncle’s birthday party. Why am I feeling anxious to go to my uncle’s birthday party? And you go with 3 more whys.

2. Deal with the Symptoms

It can be muscle tension, hand tightening, restless feet, racing heart. No matter what your symptoms are, learn to deal with them.

Meditation and walk outside can help. But usually, knowing why you are impatient and looking at things from a different angle helps the most. You can also be impatient because you are just hungry or exhausted. In that case, you have an easy solution.

3. Have Your to-do List in Order

A huge to-do list makes you skip from one thing to another. If it’s 6 p.m. and you did just 2 things from your to-do list out of 20 it’s natural you start to feel impatient. You must be mindful about your to-do list.

Don’t put too many things to do in one day. Don’t do the tasks that don’t matter. And make the most important task among the first ones. Rule your to-do list, don’t be a slave to it.

4. Recall the Big Picture

OK, what if you are impatient because you really want to achieve something, and it seems to be too far away? You wanted your business to be up and running by now and it is not? You wanted your house to be reconstructed by now and it just takes forever? Recall the big picture.

10 years from now, it won’t matter if something took you a month or three months, 2 years or 3 years. Celebrate that you started this project of yours. If you take consistent action every single day, you are closer to your goal every day. And that is all that matters. Keep working. Keep getting closer.

5. Practice Being Patient

Last, but not least, sometimes it’s all you need. Practicing patience can in some cases solve it all. If you get frustrated by standing in a line at the cashier, waiting for a bus or at the doctor, there is pretty much nothing you can do. Take a few deep breaths, count to 10 and consider it to be your resting time.

You don’t have to do anything at this moment. So, stay calm, and focus on clearing your mind and relaxing your muscles. If you can’t do anything about the waiting the only thing you must do is to put yourself at ease.

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