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In today’s video, I will introduce 5 easy steps to manage your time.

Managing time well is so important because you can work 16 hours a day, but if you don’t do it right, efficiently and mindfully you won’t get the desired result.


1. Plan realistically

Number one problem my clients have when planning work schedules is having unrealistic plans. You can do only as much in a day. You can be fired up today wanting to do everything your project needs if you set unrealistic goals for the day you will end up burned out and you will spend more time rescheduling past events than working. If you need 2 hours to complete a specific task, schedule two and half hours to your calendar and count in all the things like meditation, eating, cooking, taking a shower, talking to your spouse. Because all these things do take time out of a day and do need a space in your calendar and your day.

2. Say no to everything that is not serving your goals

When someone wants something from you. Step back every single time and ask yourself is this serving my goals? Do I want to do this? Consider every requested coming your way to be an invitation, not a must. Do you want to accept the invitation? But we are not talking only about work. If your goals for the year are 1. Starting your own business, 2. Make the relationship with your partner work again and 3. Workout 3 times a week, you should say hell yeah to your partner’s invitation to the cinema but hell no to a business trip that will take you away from your partner, your workout routine and your own biz. Always consider the big picture.

3. Stop procrastinating

There are only two reasons why you procrastinate, you either lack clarity on your priorities and on what to do and when or out of fear. Both reasons need some extra inner work. Journal on your fears. Is it a new thing you are starting out? Do you fear failure, being seen or being laughed at? Name your fears and they will seem much smaller. And then, what is the number one priority you should do today? What is the second one? Order your priorities before you start doing anything.

4. Calm down

This might as well be your number one priority. If you freak out, you have an adrenaline rush. Not only you will be unable to focus, but you will be unable to listen to your body as well. Then you will forget to have lunch and overeat in the evening. You will not work fully focused and present. Please, calm down first. Order the priorities, meditate, take 10 deep breaths, but don’t do anything out of that anxious state.

5. Improve the processes

If you work out in the morning on Monday, in the afternoon on Wednesday and at night on Friday it depletes your energy and willpower unless you have a good reason and schedule behind it. Don’t reply to one email every hour, reply to all of them in one hour at the end of the day. Set morning, workout and evening routines. Same day same time. Those are only a few tips, but basically what you should do is to review critically how you approach your tasks, routines, and goals and think if there is a more efficient way.

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