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There are few things that can impact your life in such a huge way as establishing good morning habits do. I remember those days when I was rushing to catch the bus. I woke up half an hour before leaving the apartment, I didn’t have time to eat breakfast not to mention exercising or meditating.

A few years later my back started to hurt. Probably due to years of sitting in school and later at the office. When I started to do yoga in the evening it got better. However, when I tried to do the yoga in the morning it was a game changer. My back got ready for the day and it doesn’t hurt ever since. (Only when I skip the morning yoga. I have to be honest, it happens sometimes).

I believe it is same with exercise. If you exercise in the morning your metabolism works better the whole day. If you do your workout in the evening your metabolism slows down during sleep anyway. That’s why it is much more efficient to work out in the evening.

Those are just two examples of the reasons why it is worth trying to do some things in the morning rather than in the evening. It is difficult in the morning at the beginning but in the end, it will save you a lot of time.

I see this as an important topic so another part of my show Meaningful Life with Silvia is about six important morning habits, which are:

1. Practice Mindfulness.

2. Exercise.

3. Eat Breakfast.

4. Do One Thing IMPORTANT to YOU.

5. Practice Gratitude.

6. Have a Clear Vision of the Day.

More details in the video.


What are the morning habits that changed your life?

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