A Bit About Silvia

Hi, I am Silvia and I know you can change the world if you find your meaning. I am here to help.

If your life is just OK, it is not enough!

Some time ago I realized that my calling is to help people find their meaning.

I have always loved going to the library. When I enter I feel butterflies in my stomach. I know there is an exciting new story behind every corner. It’s only up to me what I discover. It’s me who chooses what to learn.

This excitement led me to visit library almost daily in my hometown in Slovakia as soon as I knew how to read.

Because that library is not like the size of the Library of Congress it took me only a few years to read everything worth reading in the Children Department. Ronald Dahl’ s Matilda and Robert Arthur’s Three Investigators were my very dear friends. Nevertheless, by the age of 12 or 13, I had to say goodbye and move to the Adult Department.

It’s hard to track back what led me to that adventurous expedition to the Philosophy Section. I believe it was the fear of getting excluded from the Adult Department for being too young. The Philosophy Section was just an aisle from the Children Department so I could back off immediately. (Luckily, nobody ever asked me to leave the Adult Department so with every visit I became more and more confident there.)

In Philosophy Section, I looked around and started to read the covers of the books. It took me just a few minutes to stop at book named “Buddhism.” I opened the book, as some of the previous ones, and start to read the first chapter. And I liked it. So I decided to borrow it and bring it home. And I read it all that week.

For me, as a kid, this was an eye-opening experience. I started to learn that every action has a reaction. That there are ways to calm my mind. That my life could have more meaning.

Back then started my obsession with finding a meaning in everything. I was never known for being loud, happy or funny. It’s not who I am. I rather quietly think. And I want to know why people are doing what they are doing. What is the meaning of their words, actions, and life?

Watching the world, the wars and the injustice I realized I want to change it. I realized my deeper meaning might be changing the lives of others for the better. I started to look around what should I do. What should I become as an adult?

I came up with two options. President of the United States. Or. Secretary-General of the United Nations. I ceremonially announced this exciting news to my parents (so they know what they have at home and don’t make me do the dishes so often). “You can’t be a president of the United States because you are not American.” dad told me to my surprise.

“That’s unfair,” I thought. While doing the dishes I realize that must be a sign. I must then become the Secretary-General of the United Nations. (Can you believe this position was never held by a woman? Incredible. Maybe I should become the first one.)

I believed this dream for many years. I started to learn English and other languages. I visited United Nations in Vienna and New York multiple times. I wanted to change the world.

Only slowly came to my mind that this is not the way. I can’t stand in front of the whole nations and declare: “People, please, calm down. Love each other. Stop the fight. Forget about money.” Nobody would listen.

When I realized this, I somehow lost my meaning, my purpose. I was working in a corporation and had a feeling of uselessness. Count this, count that. File this, file that. Bill this, bill that. Yes, I was very useful there but on a larger scale, it was useless. The priorities did not seem important to me. Working long hours I didn’t have time to think how to find that meaning again.

So I quit. I moved to the United States. I looked for my options and disillusioned by the corporate world I started a blog. And it was a complete disaster. I had probably only two people reading my blog – my mom and my best friend.

After a year, I packed my stuff (well, not even half of it) and I rushed back to Slovakia. I realized I can’t expect people to take my advice because I’m telling them so. I can’t expect them to change their lives if they don’t want to. It’s selfish to expect anything and to tie up my life around it.

Here I am now. Having another corporate job (fortunately, less intense) and getting up in the morning to write for you, for me and for the world. Hoping, that if you and I can change our lives, many others can as well. But not expecting anything back. Just wanting to give a helping hand.

Here is what I have to say at the end. If we give the world the best of us, it will, naturally, become a better place to live. There are only two things you really need to do in life:

  1. Be a better person today than you were yesterday
  2. Find your life’s meaning and live up to it

That’ s why I think you should stop doing what you do routinely. You should think. Change. And Repeat. Because you can change your life. You can do the right thing. You can follow your dreams.

You can know why are you here.

You can have a Purpose.

You can reach the Goal.

You can find your calling.

You can lead a meaningful life.

You can know where you are going.

You name it. You can do it.

All you need to do is to stop for a moment.

To think about your life. Your purpose. Your path.

Change what’s necessary to be changed.

And repeat as often as required.

Find out where you stand in life. Whether you live to your full potential. Whether your job is the right one for you. Whether the life you live is the right one for you.

Simply, give yourself an exceptional life.

Give your life a meaning.

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