Hi, I am Silvia. An entrepreneur, and a life coach, who will help you to make your life meaningful and prosperous. Together we will get you the results you want. I am dedicated to making your life better while making the world a better place to live at the same time.

I will help you on your journey to an exceptional life, as well as:

  • find your life’s purpose
  • identify and achieve your goals
  • breakthrough limitations
  • gain confidence, drive, and strength
  • give your life a new vibe
  • master your emotions
  • conquer fear, anxiety or shame
  • develop fulfilling relationships
  • stay committed
  • become courageous and authentic
  • face life’s challenges with dignity
  • learn how to contribute

We will, simply, get you an outstanding life. Get your life a meaning.



Silvia has helped me become a better person, without the intention of asking for help in return or looking for clients. Discussions with her, her thoughts, her exercises, reflections, and her story indirectly moved me forward. And thanks to her, I learned how to name, define and talk about problems. This has helped make my life more transparent and easier. The greatest benefit is the one I’ve fought most with – to make life with me better for others. Silvia helps people find balance in themselves. At the same time, the world is closer to achieving a balance.

Nina S., Taxation Specialist

Janette SipkovskaConversations with Silvia were always very inspirational. We went into the depths of my life, and so I realized what part of what I was doing in my life is really about me and what part is about someone else. Silvia also gave me the power to solve problems; and belief in myself that I can do it.
Silvia, thank you!

Janette S., Coach and Mediator

Martina K.Silvia conducts talks by asking questions and telling stories and ideas, which are so personal and so tailor-made, that you can actually feel her interest in helping you out of your situation/dilemma. At the same time, it happens in very friendly and cosy manner. At the end of our talk I had a feeling that she guided me among my worries, ideas and thoughts, and with her support I found what I had been looking for – in my case it was finding the way how to motivate myself in order to become more determined about my life goals.

Martina K. , International HR Assignments Specialist
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ACSTH certificate

Life Coaching 

International Coach Federation

Here you can see my ACSTH certificated – accredited by International Coach Federation. It is the only professional coach certification.

Although certification is not a prerequisite to becoming a life coach, I wanted to serve my clients better, to be a better coach and to bring more value to my workshops and programs. I am always working on my expertise.

From my heart, I believe that coaching can unbelievably change your life. It helps you build a successful and joyful life. It teaches you how to face and find the power and the resources to break through them. It puts you in charge of your life.

Tony Robbins

Unleash the Power Within

Tony Robbins Results Coaching

Tony Robbins is the best coach in the world. He coaches the world’s top performers like Serena Williams; US presidents like Donald Trump or Bill Clinton; and other celebrities like Usher, Natasha Bedingfield, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman and many more. His Unleash the Power Within event belongs among the best days of my life.

As a part of Tony Robbins Results Coaching, I get coached by Olga, who was coached by Tony Robbins himself. I want to go the extra mile to see the extraordinary results. I want the best life possible for myself and I want to provide my clients with the same.

Life Coaching Certification

Program by Kain Ramsey

What I like about Kain Ramsey is his honesty. He is not pretending anything. He teaches in his own and unique way. He is very generous with his knowledge and his material. He has many years of practice behind him and his training is super thorough. He taught me how to look at coaching critically and how to bring the best in clients. I couldn’t stop with life coaching I am doing his neuro-linguistic programming course now to create even better results for my clients. I can’t wait for doing his cognitive behavioral therapy training as well.



If I was to say something about myself today I would quote my friend: What happened to you? Are you taking something? 😀 You are so zenned-out. You don’t stress at all.

Yes, that’s me now.

And that can be you as well.

I dedicate my life to striving for better, more meaningful, more human and more efficient.

I take what’s not working and make it work.

I look for the blind spots.

I press where it hurts.

Because it is a totally different life when you live to your fullest, with vision ahead of your and victories behind you. Knowing what you want from life, where you are going and enjoying every single day on your way there.


But, let’s start at the beginning.

A lifetime of struggles, difficult family environment with the presence of manipulating psychopath with resulting depression and anxiety flashed just one question over and over in my mind.

Why am I here?

But, seriously why? (Have you answered it yourself, yet?)

Am I here to bear the pain?

To be a number in the world?

Am I here for no reason at all?

My childhood and early adulthood was a mess. However, even back then when I wanted to jump down from the 12-floor building, or eat all those pills I thought I can’t do it because that must be a reason why I’m here.

There must be a reason for me to go through all this.

I was mesmerized when I saw people laughing hard from the bottoms of their hearts. When I saw happy faces. Honestly happy.

How can I go from where I am right now to be one of those happy faces?

2010 – 2014

Having those questions in my mind I went on with my life doing the important stuff. I studied law. I started to work as an assistant to the attorney.

Soon I realized that’s not something I want to do.

Therefore, in search of something better I changed my job. I started to work for one of the Big 4 consultancy companies. Working enormously long hours. Studying accounting on top of the law. It sucked me out of energy. But I was not that kind of person who would take any low-wage salary in order to have free time and subsequently ask parents for money. No way.

So I kept on going. I finished my law school, applied for the doctorate in law while still working at the Big 4 at the same time.

In the same year, I managed to lose as much weight as I needed to hit my ideal weight (or as I perceived it), pass the exams and became a doctor of law. Pass the exam on the English Proficiency, being more competent than ever to work in or teach English. I spent the third summer in the USA as a participant in the work and travel program. All while working 80+ hours a week.

What a success that back-old me, right?!

However, when I see pictures of myself from back then I don’t recognize myself.

I don’t see that spark in the eyes.

I remember I couldn’t laugh. Something heavy like a giant stone was tight to my heart and I couldn’t breathe properly.

I see the picture and I know that it is the ultimately successful and beautiful different person.

A person, with the life, I wouldn’t want to live.

After some time, slowly, I started to realized there’s only empty shell of myself. There should be something more to life I thought.

The first idea I got was to quit the job to free a lot of my time and find out what to do with my life. Because I already knew I don’t want to spend my life in a cubicle until some merciful person will make me a partner of a company and I leave with loads of money but no memories of my life.

But how to quit a job? It’s not that easy. Especially when you have a mortgage and the last thing you want to do is to go back home and ask for money.

I started to look for a new job. But somehow, it was very lengthy and unsuccessful.

And then it happened.

My boyfriend got a job in Chicago, USA. One usual day at work, he came to me and asked: are you going with me?

It took me 2 seconds to answer.

I quit the same day.


I was recovering from a fierce winter in Chicago. I always hated the cold. 35+ degrees Celsius is much better for me than 0 degrees Celsius. Not to mention that it is not very rare for Chicago to have -35 degrees Celsius, which is unbearable for me.

I married my boyfriend, we stayed in the USA and I wanted to find a job and start working. Yet, after a few months, the marriage was a disaster. Today I believe that (without the slightest effort of being mean, just the biggest effort to understand it all) my husband was a schizoid, which he probably still is. Fortunately, he is not my husband anymore.

My previous summer times in the USA were the best times of my life. I felt free like never before. For the first time in my life, I felt light if you know what I mean. Not weighted down by my own worries and anxieties. This feeling of freedom did not happen in Chicago though.

My little shell of me became even more vulnerable. More lonely and unloved than ever.

Despite actually having the freedom I was more unhappy than ever.

Then one day, I realized my husband is reading my text messages when I’m sleeping. Now and then he mentions un-deliberately something I wrote an email with my mum, persuading me that it was me who told him. But I didn’t.

Lonely, unloved, unhappy is just one thing. I became scared.

Scared of being monitored. Perhaps, scared of being in danger.

I ran away. Packed just one suitcase. Left all my belongings, my marriage, and my pride behind and flew back to Slovakia – straight to my parents’ house.

Those were huge steps back for me.

We started the process of divorce. I lived at my parents’ house. Sad, broken (today I know that nobody is broken), unemployed, depressed, unsuccessful.

Even worse. I had no vision and no desire to live and look forward to another day.

Back home parents tried to persuade me to sell my apartment ( I rented it because I couldn’t allow to live there myself and pay the mortgage).

Although they fed me and provided me with the roof over my head, they were telling me that I should stay living with them because I can’t live alone, I am not able to take care of myself, act responsibly and make a right decision.

My depression was getting worse. I didn’t wake up from bed before noon, only to overeat, have some more naps, overeat again and go to sleep.

I started to visit a therapist and take antidepressants.

I felt like it is the end of my life. And, not for the first time in my life, I wished it was.



I now know that the day when the therapist told me there is no other way for me just to take the antidepressants was the day of the new beginning.

I felt so relieved.

It is true that this is not normal.

It is true that there is more to life than this.

It is true that I can possibly become the happy face.

It is true that there is work that has to be done. Work that will lead to different results in my life. Better results.

I remember that day clearly. My life is going to change for the better. I knew that I won’t take antidepressants forever. The only thing I remember that thought from that time on I know what to focus on and what to work on. I don’t have to pretend I’m good when I’m not. Nothing is perfect but it needs just some time and dedications and I will make it work.

Slowly, I started to change. I discussed many things. I was steadily gaining my inner power. I can’t say it was easy or quick. I had to work on plenty of stuff. I worked hard. I cried a lot. I ate a lot of chocolate. I had arguments with people around me.

But, I was moving forward.



As soon as I started to feel the change I was starving for more.

I came across Tony Robbins work and it blew my mind. I started to watch his videos, read his books. I had him inspire me, enlighten me and teach me.

And I strived for more. I wanted to know if it is possible to rise from the bottom to the top.

I wanted to know what an enormous change I can make in my life.

I wanted to know how happy, successful, fulfilled, good and healthy can I be.

I wanted to know if I can enjoy every single day.

If I can wake up with a smile on my face.

If I can live the charged life.

I wanted it all for me. I wanted to know what is possible in my life and for my life. I wanted to know what I am capable of and what else can I add to my life.

I dived into it in books, training, seminars and live events. I soaked up all the information and knowledge I could. I quit taking antidepressants and therapy because I was told I don’t need any therapy anymore.

I was seeing the results. I was feeling the change.


One day a friend of mine, actually, very respected coach and trainer ask me for a help. She told me her story. What started as my attempt to help her resulted in realizing that helping others is something that gives my life that last missing inch (or centimeter if you want).

Where did you learn all this? How come you can understand another human being so good and advice so good? You are so young. You must have been through some real BS to understand all this at your age.

I did. I am grateful I did.

If I didn’t go through hardship in life I wouldn’t be ready to help others and at the same time, I wouldn’t be much of a help.

I always knew there is a reason why I have to go through all this.

Last week I had a client going through a difficult period in life. We had a difficult conversation. After our session I was tired. My cheeks were on fire, my hair greasy. However, my client was smiling. She noticeably felt much better. She realized what change does she want to make. She realized she will not let other people push her around and suck her out of energy.

That was my goal and I was successful.

I felt tired but so happy and fulfilled. Even if I don’t help any other person, I helped this one.

I mattered.

I left a message. I gave away. I inspired.

That is why coaching means a life to me. I think that we should all strive for making the world a better place. This is my way of doing it.

You can live a unique, and meaningful life on your terms.

You just need to conquer your fears.



Dobry Anjel
The Tony Robbins Foundation
Malala Fund

I believe that we can only mean as much to the world as we contribute. I strongly believe that contribution is the most important thing in one’s life.

You are what you give.

That’s the only thing that matters in the long run.

That is why I contribute to Tony Robbins Foundation. That is why I support financially Amnesty International, UNICEF and a Good Angel non-profit organization (Dobry Anjel) in Slovakia delivering to families with sick kids. That is why I contribute to the Malala Fund.

Those are the organizations that support what I believe in – education, freedom, equality, justice. Those are the organizations that support children in need, education of women, equal treatment, human and political rights and provide food to the table to those who have nothing to put in their mouths.

I strongly encourage you to support those organizations as well. Or support any organization of your liking. You don’t have to do overwhelmingly lot to help the world to be a better place. You can join already well-established organization. You can give your time, your knowledge, your money. You can give much or you can give little.

Just give.

You are what you give.


Let me help you on your journey to an exceptional life. Give your life a meaning.

If your life is just OK, it is not enough!

Some time ago I realized that my calling is to help people find their meaning. I believe, that if we give the world the best of us, it will, naturally, become a better place to live. Therefore, there are only two things you really need to do in life:

  1. Be a better person today than you were yesterday
  2. Find your life’s meaning and live up to it

I will help you to stop doing what you do routinely. You can change your life. You can do the right thing. You can follow your dreams. You can have a Purpose. A Goal. A calling. You can lead a meaningful life.

All you need to do is to stop for a moment and think about your life. Your purpose. Your path.