Hello fearless babes and welcome to another episode of Meaningful Life with Silvia! Today we will be talking about the benefits of meditation.

Do you meditate? I meditate more or less regularly for the last three years. Very often I wish if only I started earlier. I would have a chance to appreciate all the benefits of meditation earlier. It would help me during those exams at University, which were driving me crazy. I bet, my relationships at my first office job would be much smoother as well.

If you are deciding whether you should start meditating or not, I suggest to give it a try. Let’s say for a week. If you meditate for 7 days and nothing changes to better in your life, then drop it. Seriously. I suggest this because I’m confident it will help you.

“But when?”, you’re asking me.

I hear you. Running errands from morning until evening. Meditation represents only another to-do list item. But don’t you already know many people who meditate? And do you know why do they do it? Maybe, because:

  • meditation boosts your productivity by 120% or because
  • meditation increases your profit by 520%

Nice, right?

Disadvantages of Meditation

Meditation has hardly any disadvantages. Nevertheless, few of them might be:

  • you can get bored, frustrated or sleepy during meditation if you don’t do it right
  • if you are in detoxification phase (drug or alcohol addiction – not green smoothies detox) your mind might be too vulnerable, but it depends on the type of person you are
  • if you are in a great shock such as post-traumatic stress disorder (loss of family member, etc.) your mind might be too vulnerable as well
  • it might be difficult to find time and location to practice – quiet location with no distraction can be hard to find
  • you might have downloaded an app or find a program to meditate, but listening to whale sounds or birds in the Amazon forest might quite annoy you (but here’s a quick fix -change the app)
  • you might get frustrated easily, because sometimes it’s difficult to find the right practice, and you are not moving forward

The disadvantages above are more or less associated with the meditation practice itself. It’s not like meditation could have any bad effect on your mind or your body. Just positive stuff here.

So let’s dive into the benefits of meditation.

Mental Benefits of Meditation

1. Improves Focus
2. Better Self-Control
3. Faster Stress-Relief
4. Anxiety Reduction
5. Higher Self-Esteem
6. More Positive Emotions
7. Increases Satisfaction with Your Life
8. Decreases Depressions

Physical Benefits of Meditation

9. Relaxes Muscles
10. Relieves Pain
11. Helps You Sleep Better
12. Supports Your Immune System
13. Reduces Headaches
14. Lowers Blood Pressure
15. Reduces Inflammation
16. Improves Current Illness
17. Production of Stress Hormone Cortisol is Decreased

Benefits for Your Social Life

18. Improves Relationships
19. Reduces Loneliness
20. Improves Interactions with Other People
21. Improves Empathy

Benefits in the Work Place

22. Makes You Stop Multi-Tasking
23. Supports Your Creativity
24. Improves Attention
25. Improves Memory

More info in the video.



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Now I have a question for you – Do you meditate?

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