Hello fearless babes and welcome to another episode of Meaningful Life with Silvia! From the questions, I’ve received from you today I would like to answer this one, which I find particularly important. How can I build self-confidence?

This is such a good question and I could talk about self-confidence for hours. But I decided to omit some things like taking care of yourself to feel good about yourself and focus exclusively on the mindset. So how can you feel more confident?

Here are the tips:

1. Visualize Yourself as You Already Are
Where You Want to Be

2. Challenge Your Inner Critic

3. Use Affirmations to Change Your Mentality

4. Do Something Scary Every Day

More info in the video.



Now I have a question for you – What do you do to build your self-confidence?

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Don’t forget that you can live a meaningful and unique life on your terms, you just need to conquer your fears.