There were times when I thought that there’s good in every single person on the Earth and you can find it when you give them enough love and attention. There were times when I thought that most people are psychopaths and there’s no other solution than run away because there’s no way to help them.

Yet, the reality is not so black and white but has different colors and shades. Life always does. Different people have different problems, illnesses and need different treatment. Some of them will get cured, and some of them won’t.

Although you might not need a precise overview of all mental illnesses, I believe that it is very useful to have at least some basic idea what are different personal disorders about. Whether you know it or not you are in contact or will get in contact with someone who has a personality disorder and the more you know the more you can protect yourself and/or help that person. It will help you understand many things as well.

We can all fall into an unhealthy relationship and before we realize it, it’s too late.

So let’s start with the first personality disorder I mentioned. Paranoid personality disorder.

How can you distinguish that someone has a paranoid personality disorder?

Signs of a Paranoid Personality Disorder

  • a person who thinks that you are trying to harm him, you are using him or are cheating on him in some way,
  • is more than too much interested in your loyalty and trustworthiness,
  • is having a hard time telling you something personal, and is very cautious about giving you his personal information,
  • feels like you are threatening him or diminishing him even when you are doing your best to praise him,
  • very often he feels offended or overlooked,
  • he feels like being attacked often and he reacts with anger and rage,
  • he seems to be chronically paranoid,
  • is very suspicious,
  • seeks reassurance,
  • feels rejected, excluded or hypersensitive.

Personality is a pattern of a behavior and manner in which a person thinks of himself and the world.

The paranoid personality disorder is such a disorder of a personality when an individual interprets actions of others as deliberately demeaning, threatening, untrustworthy or not loyal. They fear being betrayed or exploited very much. A person with the paranoid personality disorder may seem cold and calculating and behaving suspiciously.

Typical Quotes of a Person With the Paranoid Personality Disorder:

  • Where have you been?
  • With whom have you been there?
  • Why do you need to go there?
  • Why do you give me less attention than I give you?
  • Why do you buy me cheaper gifts than I buy you?
  • Why do you look at me like that?
  • Why do you go to a meeting without me?
  • Are you talking about me with your friends?
  • Do you cheat on me?

It might be confusing because a person without a paranoid personality disorder can have some of these questions as well. A person does not have to be paranoid to be suspicious but there is a difference between being suspicious for some amount of time and being suspicious all.the.time.

Dealing with a Person with Paranoid Personality Disorder

Argue with this type of person is not a good idea, because these people are very fragile and hypersensitive. Ideally, if possible, try to empathize but not agree with the person. Express openness and understanding without judgment but don’t support the suspicious thoughts and emotions.

Seek for some professional help – consult a therapist or a psychiatrist on possible treatment. If you feel unstable or fearful, and if you don’t feel comfortable living in such a relationship discuss your friends and family and think about leaving. You should be the best friend to yourself and the person who protects you the most. You can’t help anybody else if you don’t feel safe or stable yourself.


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