Hello fearless babes and welcome to another episode of Meaningful Life with Silvia! Recently I got a question from my client. The question is – how should I deal with a stubborn family member? Mainly if I like that person and I want our communication to be better.

Woman, I feel you. It is not easy to communicate with a stubborn person and it can often hurt. But I want to share with you six tips that might help you.

1. breathe and stay calm
2. show the stubborn person you accept her and understand her
3. tell her how you feel about the things she says
4. explain to her how she can benefit from your idea
5. make clear why it is important to you
6. be ready to agree on a compromise

More info in the video.


Now I have a question for you – How do you deal with a stubborn person?

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Don’t forget that you can live a meaningful and unique life on your terms, you just need to conquer your fears.