How to Hack Self-Motivation

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In the last episode we discussed how to set achievable goals and today we will continue with the question:

How to hack self-motivation?

I feel like motivation is such an abstract term. Everyone wants to be motivated but most of the people actually don’t know what motivation is.

Being motivated is a state of mind when you stay committed to your goals, anticipate opportunities and act on them, and have the personal drive to go the extra mile.

Basically, there are two types of motivation. Positive and negative. Positive motivation is that something you really like or want to happen is pulling you and you work towards it. Negative motivation is based on fear.  Something you really don’t want to happen is pushing you away and you are working hard to go to the other direction. In the beginning, when we don’t know yet how to properly self-motivate ourselves the negative motivation works much better than the positive one. If your boss threatens to fire you or your partner is about to leave you, you are super motivated to reverse that from happening.

As soon as you are more clear on who you are and what you want in life and learn how to motivate yourself, the positive motivation starts to work much better.  Your life experience is much better because you are motivated to work towards your goals and not away from the threats.  Yet, with positive motivation, it’s harder to hack it.

So here are my tips:



To sum it up, my tips are:

1. Start small
2. Know your reasons and revisit them when you flop
3. Just start
4. Make yourself accountable
5. Focus on one goal at a time
6. Don’t skip twice in a row
7. Focus on the feeling at the end

Now I have a question for you:

What helps you stay self-motivated?

Thanks for watching! I really hope it helps.

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