Hello fearless babes!

On some days I wonder how can I make my life even more beautiful. I don’t believe I live this life only to wait for something great to happen. I believe that every day is special and unique and I should treat it as one.

However, on some days it is just harder than on other. I, as well, sometimes forget how special my life is, and I focus on all the task I need to complete in a day.

So what helps?

I would say that looking at things from a bird’s eye view. It is so easy to get caught up by life, rushing and not realizing all the great things in our lives.

One thing is that I, and I hope YOU as well, already live a magical life. The point is to embrace it and be grateful for it. Another thing is that there is a possibility to have even more magical life.

The new episode of Meaningful Life with Silvia is just about that – how to achieve a magical life. If you believe that your life is ordinary you must watch this video!

What is the magic I’m talking about? It’s anything beautiful in life. Anything you want to experience or accomplish. Anything you dream of. Do you need some suggestions on how to get there?

1. Dream big and act boldly.

2. Cultivate the right emotions.

  • Love
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude

3. Surrounding yourself with beauty.

4. Hold back on consumerism and criticism.

These are only the key speaking points. To learn more details watch the video.


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Don’t forget that you are unique and your life already is magical!