This could only happen to me.
My friend was complaining about her car being scratched on the parking lot.
It is a new car. I only have it for half a year. Why wouldn’t they be more careful? Why do I have to meet only lame people?
She was going on and on. I got tired. I knew she will talk about this accident for months to go until she finds some other thing to be upset about.

I don’t want to underestimate her hardship. However, her car has an insurance, nobody was injured and we live in the capital of Slovakia, for God sake. All of us have scratches. Or, at least, our cars do. Yet not everybody is making such a big deal out of it.
Not everybody?

So whats the difference between people playing victim all the time and those who live a charged life.
Maybe you are somewhere in the middle not living a victimized life not a charged either and you might wonder. How to live a charged life?

Five Actionable Steps to Live the Charged Life

1. Take Responsibility For What Happens to You

There are many reasons to feel victimized and there are many ways how to do it. Life is not easy. It really is very difficult to stand up and continue after being knocked down. Yet, that is the essential decision everyone should make – are you giving up or are you fighting back?

2. Make Your Thoughts Your Friends

If you take nothing else from this article take just this one. Your brain is not designed to make you happy, it is designed to make you survive. Therefore your thoughts are not something like: Hey darling, let’s be happy today.

It’s more like: What did she say? Is she threatening me or is it a joke? Should I fight or run away?

You should realize it is your job to make you happy, your brain will not do it for you. Not because he doesn’t want to but because he doesn’t know how.

3. Take Care of Your Body

You might have heard it many times but it’s the truth and worth repeating. Your body is your temple. You can’t have extraordinary results or fulfilling life if your body is having troubles with digesting what you eat, fatigue, inability to focus, low energy etc. There’s no charged life without strong temple that would shelter your soul.

4. Make Meaningful Social Connections

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.

A quote that says it all. Without meaningful connection with other people you will not thrive, yet merely survive. Although there are few people that live at the end of the world alone and are happy with it, most of us need to live surrounded by people. And not just any people. People who enrich our lives, make us grow, make us think and support us in hard times.

5. Find Your Fulfillment

It’s harder to feel in charge when you do things you hate, or at least the things you don’t like. When somebody else is in control of your time, not you. When you do what is required of you not what you want to do. One part of living a charged life is living a fulfilled life. A life on your terms. A life that’s in harmony with your calling. A life that’s worth living and makes sense to you.

To be in charge doesn’t mean to be in control. You can rarely be in control of your life. Yes, you can have some parts of your life under control, but you won’t have influence over external factors like weather, other people’s mood, amount of work you are given at the office, traffic in the streets etc.

So don’t interchange a charged life for a controlled life. They are not the same. Living a charged life means having the ability to control the internal processes. Having the ability to feel happy and free despite the traffic and the weather and the other stuff.

Now, it’s your time. What is the first step you can take NOW towards living a charged life? Or do you live a charged life already?