Hey fearless babes!

Welcome to another episode of Meaningful Life with Silvia!

One of the topics I find pretty important is mindfulness. That is why I want to focus on mindfulness in March. I gathered questions I get asked regarding this topic and in March I will answer four of them.

In the last episode, I answered the question of tapping into a positive mindset.

Today, I will talk about

Living in the present moment

We hear it from everywhere around that we should live in the present moment. I appreciate when someone says that and I agree but it’s much easier said than done. I don’t know how about you but my thoughts are constantly spinning in my mind and I can’t catch them. For me, it’s impossible to stop them from spinning around.

Which brings me to tip number one.


To quickly sum it up, my tips are:

  1. It’s not about stopping the thoughts
  2. Accept as much as you can
  3. Smile 

Now I have a question for you:

What do you think about the most – past, present or future?

Stay tuned for the next episode – How to become patient.

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Don’t forget that you can live a unique and meaningful life on your terms, you just need to conquer your fears.