If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.

To achieve something we want we need to take small steps consistently day in day out. Yet, it can be very challenging to motivate yourself every.single.day.

Motivation comes and goes in waves. When you are up the wave you are strong, you are positive, you are willing to fight, to work harder, to beat everybody and to show the world you can do it. Those are the days you can easily motivate yourself to do what needs to be done.

Yet, when you are down, you don’t care about daily to-dos. It’s hard to get up from bed in the morning, get dressed and clean your teeth (maybe some days you even don’t clean them, you freak? :O). Those are the days, you don’t give a damn about what needs to be done. And motivation? What does that word mean?

No matter what is it that needs to be done with these waves it suffers. Your efficiency suffers. Your progress suffers too. The one rule to success in anything is consistency. Ups and downs are not efficient. Minimize them. Keep your life easy and in a steady flow.

Motivation is like a fire that needs to be taken care of to burn inside you every day.

But how?

There are some steps to follow to minimize motivation waves.

  • Don’t Overthink

All the doubts, the low self-esteem, limiting beliefs etc. make it even harder for you to move on – to progress. Don’t think of the many things that can go wrong. Think of the great moments when all goes well and you succeed.

  • Cut Down Your Goals Into Smaller Achievable Steps

My favorite coach once said: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Obviously. 🙂 We get frustrated by goals that are too far away and we tend to procrastinate more often.

  • Don’t Push Yourself Too Much

Too much pressure brings more stress but less efficiency in your life. Rather get pulled by the positive outcome you are working towards.

  • Healthy diet

It’s no only your everyday to-dos, but there are many foods in today’s diet that make you feel tired and lacking energy – mainly refined sugar. Cut.them.out.of.your.life.ruthlessly.

  • Workout

Exercise is good for you – for your positiveness, for your energy flow, for better sleep, for your mind to be able to bring new ideas, for you being able to handle everything. I don’t have to continue. Without workout your body and mind won’t work properly.

  • Meditation

There are so many benefits of meditation that you might wonder how comes your parents didn’t do it and didn’t teach you to do it. The goal of the meditation is to provide a mentally clear and emotionally calm state for you. It helps you understand your mind better. Meditation shifts negative thinking into positive, distracted mind into focused, disturbed state into peaceful.

  • Sleep

Sleep brings your nervous system to inactivity, which regenerates and rejuvenates both your body and mind. All the muscles are relaxed and many healing processes take place. Sleep makes you feel better, makes your body healthier, improves your memory, stops inflammation, makes you live longer, improves your performance, improves your attention and lower your stress during the day. Basically said, sleep makes your life much better!

  • Playful Mood

Researchers show that a playful mood helps to cope with stress, it enhances your creativity, adds joy to life and connects you with others. In addition, it makes you more attractive to the other gender. 🙂

  • Quit Procrastination

Oh, yes. Procrastination. Big time. I don’t know a person who is enjoying procrastination. It is only a way of avoiding the stuff that needs to be done. Wouldn’t it be better to do the stuff and then relax and actually have some earned fun? If you quit procrastination you will become happier, feeling more fulfilled and less stressed.

  • Spend Time in Nature

It’s much easier to scroll down Facebook than getting dressed and go outside. I get it. But will that move you forward? You know the answer yourself. Spending time in nature will help you restore mental energy, improve short-term memory, relieve stress, reduce inflammation and ensure better vision.

How to Motivate Yourself?

  • Create a Reward System For Yourself

The reward system is something I recommend very much. It is better to have small rewards for short-term goals than one big reward when you accomplish something big. Up front, decide what your reward will be. Will it be something material? Or something spiritual? It can be time with friends in the cinema, watching a movie at home, getting a massage. It should be something you want and enjoy.

  • Create a Routine

Inconsistency. Most of us are guilty of inconsistency. I once read that you need to do a thing 28-times to make it a habit – to switch the neurons in your brain and after those 28 repetitions it is much easier to come back to the same thing every day.

  • Make the First Step

It might sound obvious, but sometimes to do something requires only to turn off Facebook and all other distractions, put your phone on mute and start doing what needs to be done. First five minutes might be difficult, but after a while, you will start feeling good that you are moving forward and you are actually doing something for you, your future, your career, or simply something that needs to be done and there’s nobody else that would do it for you.

  • Reduce Distractions

We are all flooded with new information, connection, and distraction. It is hard to start doing something and actually finish it. What is the worst kind of distraction for you? For me, it’s chatting. A message pops up and even when I don’t read it, I wonder who writes me and what does the person want. Even though I don’t want to give it my attention, my mind drifts off from the task to the message, so finally, I give, interrupt my work and reply. And the conversation starts. An hour later I’m frustrated that I didn’t do what I wanted to do.

  • Turn on Some Chilling Music

I can’t imagine anything better to get you into the flow than music. Yet, it has to be relaxing, focus oriented, calm music. If you sing with Lady Gaga you might feel happy at that moment but you won’t persuade anybody that your focus is solely on the task. 🙂

  • Get Accountability

It is much easier to complete a task if you have somebody who will ask you: Did you do it today? It gives you the extra motivation boost because it’s much easier to stick to your plan if you have an accountability partner. You would be ashamed to tell him you didn’t do it again or that you spend the whole day watching puppies on YouTube.

  • Remind Yourself of the Goal

There will be days when you won’t feel like doing anything. Days, when you would want to quit, forget about it and do just nothing. In those days remind yourself why did you start. Where is it that you want to go. Why do you do it?

  • Surround Yourself with Positive People Who Support You

Again, there will be days when you feel down and not motivated to do your thing. In those days it is important to have positive people around. People who will support you, cheer you up, make you laugh and take you for a walk to the nature.

  • Stay Positive

In the end, it’s you who should stay positive through all the pitfalls, because the easy road is usually not the right one.

No matter if you make it today or not, don’t judge yourself. It’s OK to struggle. Thank yourself for giving it a try. Be gentle to yourself.