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Last week we welcomed New Year and I decided to make January a month of proper goal-setting so I’ve found it inspiring to start with the first question:

How can I set goals I actually achieve?

It’s such a good question to start the year off with. Do you belong to those people who set goals in January and in February you don’t even remember what goals have you set for yourself?

I used to be the same. Once in December when I was 17 or so I wrote down a list of 68 goals for the following year. It was supposed to completely transform my life, but it didn’t. I remember reviewing those goals at the end of the next year and realizing I didn’t achieve any of them. I felt like a failure.

But it was not about me not being disciplined or motivated enough or being lazy. It was about the goals. I didn’t set them right.

Proper goals setting is an art. Yet, if you take the time to set them right, it gives you a higher chance of sticking to them and actually achieving what you want to achieve. Here are my tips:



To sum it up, my tips are:

1. Don’t commit to too many goals
2. Create space for your goal
3. Make your goals inspiring
4. Make your goals specific
5. Write your goals down
6. Set a deadline
7. Reward yourself

Now I have a question for you:

Do you stay committed to your goals and if so what makes them stick?

Thanks for watching! I really hope it helps.

Stay tuned for the next episode – How to hack self-motivation.

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