Hello fearless babes and welcome to another episode of Meaningful Life with Silvia!

Today I bring an interesting question which I want to help you solve if you face it. My client had this feeling that she shouldn’t do something but it seemed just a perfect thing to do. She couldn’t explain why but she had this bad feeling about it. Should she trust her inner voice? And today’s question is – How can I learn to trust my inner voice?

No matter if you call it your intuition, your gut, your heart or your inner voice it’s the same thing and listening to it brings many benefits to your life – it makes it easier to decide, be more confident and it reduces stress and self-doubt. The question is how to learn to trust your inner voice and here are my tips:

1. Learn to Connect to Your Deeper Self
2. Listen to Your Body
3. Learn to Be Still and Eliminate Distractions
4. Measure the Outcomes

More info in the video.


Now I have a question for you – Do you listen to your inner voice?

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Don’t forget that you can live a meaningful and unique life on your terms, you just need to conquer your fears.