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E15: Dr. Lynyetta Willis ON overcoming stable misery and bringing family harmony

PODCAST|   I am so excited today. Let me tell you that today we have as our guest Dr. Lynyetta Willis, who is a psychologist, family empowerment coach, and founder and CEO of Inner Pathways [...]

Episode 14: Baska Ilic ON catcalling in India, hitchhiking in Serbia and women’s rights – Part 2

PODCAST|   Did you listen to the first part of the interview with Baska Ilic last week? If not, go check it out because this is the second part of the interview and you will [...]

Episode 13: Baska Ilic ON catcalling in India, hitchhiking in Serbia and women’s rights – Part 1

PODCAST|   Today I want to introduce to you a dear friend of mine Baska Ilic. Baska is a marketing consultant and content marketing manager. She worked for NGOs, startups, solopreneurs and small to medium-sized [...]

Episode 12: Jess Tomlinson ON visibility, self-expression and holding on to expectations

PODCAST|   In today’s interview, I would like to introduce a very special guest. Jess Tomlinson. I am so honored that she accepted the invitation to come for an interview. She is a gorgeous and [...]

Episode 11: Martina Sevcikova ON career change, wedding and confidence

PODCAST|   I promised that I will bring you awesome guests on this podcast - strong women that build their confidence. So, today is the day and the first guest is here with us. So, [...]

Episode 7: I Am Not Enough and Other Lies You Tell Yourself

PODCAST|   I understand, that self-critical thoughts can be overwhelming. They can consume your day and make it difficult to focus on anything else, but these negative thoughts can harm you in multiple ways. Self-criticism [...]

Episode 5: Emergency Room Visit and Your Jaw-Dropping Confidence Master Plan

PODCAST|   Yesterday I went shopping after lunch. I was in a small and charming shop with all-natural products, nut butter, and eco-friendly cosmetics when suddenly, out of nothing this pain in my upper left [...]

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