There are so many things you want in life. But, at least you want to start your own business and you want to have kids. The problem is that it’s not the right time yet. You are not ready for the next step.

You can’t start your own business because you are busy. You have so much stuff going on right now. You can’t have kids because you don’t have your own place and you are not sure with your career. It’s obvious that you are not ready, right?

I understand that. You always want to get ready.

For losing weight.

For that next project.

For starting something own.

For changing job.

For working out.

For having kids.

Although the timing is important, you can’t plan everything in your life. Sometimes you just have to do it even if you don’t feel like the time is right.

Otherwise, the circumstances will later push you to do it. You will have kids when you realize it’s almost too late for having them. You will change your job because of a new boss, with who you won’t get on well. And you still won’t be ready.

That is not the way you want to live. Don’t let the circumstances push you through life. Create your own destiny yourself. Just do it. You will never be ready enough.

Plan less, live more.