Janette SipkovskaConversations with Silvia were always very inspirational. We went into the depths of my life, and so I realized what part of what I was doing in my life is really about me and what part is about someone else. Silvia also gave me the power to solve problems; and belief in myself that I can do it.
Silvia, thank you!

Janette S., Coach and Mediator

Prior to working with Silvia, I had never worked with any type of coach or mentor before. I was not sure what I could expect or how it would help me out, both personally and professionally. I’m happy to say that working with Silvia exceeded any expectations that I had! Not only did she give me the clarity on how to move forward with my professional goals, she taught me how to reduce stress and anxiety in my personal life.

Since I started working with Silvia, I feel more organized, motivated, and confident in taking steps to grow my business. She even encouraged me to hire my first employee! I feel a sense of overall peace in my life and have found time to stay balanced in all that I do. Thank you, Silvia, for your amazing support and guidance.

I highly recommend that you give her a call or shoot her an email today. You won’t regret it!

Margaux R., MBM Influencer Management

With Silvia, chatting was always very inspirational. This young lady is a good listener and now I can say she has hell of a patience for everyone after she could handle me. I could see positive outcomes from my behaviour after each session. I was making my time schedules and became more organized. When I failed she helped me to get it together and overcome my barriers.

Silvia was my first life coach and I have to say it was an enhancing experience through which I got to learn about myself and the sessions helped me to be more grounded. This way I would like to thank Silvia for not just being an amazing mentor but also a friend.

I very recommend Silvia to anyone who does not know what to expect, because she has good understanding and is very flexible with session arrangements, which I really liked.

Hope to catch up soon.

Simona K., Student

I got to know Silvia at a time when she was supposed to perceive the results of her work through numbers, tables, statistics, salary; and her dislike of her job grew. It was the time when I was at the emotional bottom; when I wanted to finally find myself and my direction after a long time of being lost. When I look back, it was Silvia who led me to make a progress myself, at a time when she could not yet know that her dream business would become reality. She has helped me become a better person, without the intention of asking for help in return or looking for clients. Discussions with her, her thoughts, her exercises, reflections, and her story indirectly moved me forward. And thanks to her, I learned how to name, define and talk about problems. This has helped make my life more transparent and easier. The greatest benefit is the one I’ve fought most with – to make life with me better for others.

What I like about Silvia is that coaching is some kind of a mission to her. Similarly to her wanting to help people find their dream job or their way of life, she was looking for her direction and her way of life as well, and I think she found it here – in coaching. Because what she does she does nonviolently. She knows that the results of the work may not be visible only through numbers, different statistics, tables, but the results and especially the meaning of her work is felt the most in people. She will help the world through these small steps by helping people become better. Because, when someone is lost, he is losing his ways as well, he does things recklessly and often unreasonably. I believe that if one finds his meaning in life, he does the best for himself and his surroundings, and indirectly makes the world a better one. Silvia helps people find balance in themselves. At the same time, the world is closer to achieving a balance.

If you, as a person are not at your best, you make mistakes, sometimes you can hurt your neighbor because you want to do what people want you to do, even though it is unpleasant for yourself; and then, there’s no desirable effect and you are only counterproductive. Silvia helped me to understand that a person has to find what is good in him, what fulfills him, what can he do for the society and what to focus on. I want to show my surroundings what it is that I am good at, what I can offer to others, not what they want me to do, and I will focus on that.

Nina S., Taxation Specialist

Martina K.I know Silvia for many many years and based on this I can declare her to be the most empathetic person I have ever met. Her ability to listen to you and actually perceive what you are talking about is the best foundation for her dream job – a life coach. She conducts talks by asking questions and telling stories and ideas, which are so personal and so tailor-made, that you can actually feel her interest in helping you out of your situation/dilemma.

At the same time, it happens in very friendly and cosy manner. At the end of our talk I had a feeling that she guided me among my worries, ideas and thoughts, and with her support I found what I had been looking for – in my case it was finding the way how to motivate myself in order to become more determined about my life goals.

Martina K., International HR Assignments Specialist

Daniela B., Financial Advisor

Sasha Z., English Teacher

Barbora I., Marketing Specialist

Carlos H., Chef

Jana G., Attorney at Maternity Leave