Creativity is intelligence having fun.
-Albert Einstein

If it is fun, why aren’t we creative anymore? When I look around I see people stuck in their full-time jobs looking for something that would entertain them and enlighten their day.

The problem might be that most of us look for entertainment in our surrounding, not in ourselves. Building an inner creative environment where one can think and develop and have fun is the best thing a person can do for himself.

Why Being Creative?

Creativity is about new stuff, about changing traditional ideas, relationships, rules or any other different pattern in this world to create something new. Something that is meaningful, original and inspirational. Creative people tend to be happier and more satisfied with their lives. Changing some of the rules or ideas can bring you new self, maybe higher, maybe more self-conscious maybe more fun self. It’s definitely worth discovering what you have in yourself.

How To Be Creative in Everyday Life

  • Use Your Phone

    There is a vast amount of mobile apps these days that will support your creativity. You can download them and play as long as you wish. Do you use Instagram? Play with it too, use different filters and features, find out how creative you can be with your pictures. If you like organizing your thoughts go for Evernote, it’s the best app out there for thinkers, writers, brainstorming and people who want to have things clear.

  • Fall for Photography

    It can be very creative to take pictures; you can try different angles, different light, various options for the capture. You can go wild and if you want to go beyond taking pictures, play with photoshop, your pictures will get a brand new look. There are a lot of great photoshops out there from Adobe to Corel Draw and other. If you don’t feel like going pro and spending money on it, I would recommend GIMP. It has great features, and it’s totally free; you can download it here.

  • Draw

    Express yourself and show the world how you see things. It can be exculpatory and calming at the same time. No matter if you haven’t drawn anything ever, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. It’s just your mean of expression and finding your creative self. If you are not a fan of traditional drawing, again there are apps for that. You can download Sketchbook or other app and draw right into your phone or a tablet.

  • Write

    You can be creative with a word, from a diary to letter, article, newspaper, blog or even a book. Capture your thoughts, create a story or do some research on a topic you like and write an essay. It can bring you something new and take you beyond the routine, just don’t force yourself. Write about stuff you like or don’t write if you don’t like it. Remember, this is supposed to make you happy and creative.

  • Cook

    Try out new recipes, bake a cake which you can decorate. There are limitless options when cooking or baking. The plus of this point is that it’s not only for you but also for your closest ones. I bet your family will love the new creative you with all those pastries.

  • Take a Different Route to Work

    In case all five options above are way too much for you, you can start with some small changes in your everyday routine, just to open your eyes. One of the best options is to take a different road to work. If you are taking the same route for months or even years, you don’t even perceive things around you. Take a different route, observe what you see around you and look for some inspiration.

I would definitely add travel, but that’s up to you. 🙂 What does creativity mean to you? Are you a creative person?