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Welcome to another episode of Meaningful Life with Silvia.

Today’s topic is – Why we look for a meaning in life?

It all starts with motivation. Achievements and failures in life are about motivation. You wake up and go to work every day because you need money and money itself is usually a very good motivator. You go to the gym and workout to look good or to be healthy. Every single thing you do is driven by motivation. So is questioning the meaning of life.

If you were hungry, thirsty or scared you would have a lot of motivation to somehow obtain food, water or a secure place. These needs would consume you and motivate you, and you would look no further for other things to do. If you are like me. You are not hungry or thirsty and you believe that you are safe. You have enough money and a stable group of family and friends. Let’s say you are doing well.

And that’s why you are looking for meaning in your life. If you’ve already heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs you will probably know that we all have common needs we are trying to fulfill. All of these needs are extremely interconnected and completely change your perception of life. That’s why you should know about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Where is the meaning of life in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how does it affect your life? Can your needs trick you into doing something else that you really want to do? You will learn this and more in the video.


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Now, I have a question for you. Do you look for meaning in your life?

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